While the first Le Crepe Café Hawaii may have opened in 2008 at the Waikiki Shopping Plaza, the journey for owner SoufianeBouharkat began long before that.  Growing up in Paris, he always dreamed of opening his own shop.  In 2002, he made that dream a reality and opened a small Parisian café in France.   After 5 years of owning the Paris shop and traveling back and forth to Hawaii, he made the decision to permanently move to Oahu in 2007.


The primary focus of Le Crepe Café Hawaii in its infancy was farmer’s markets, catering events, and festivals.  But slowly the brand grew, and in 2009 the first store front was opened in the heart of Mānoa.


Over the years, the brand continued to expand.  In 2015, a chance meeting at a soccer game in Los Angeles connected Soufiane with now co-owner KamelHamata.  There was an organic energy between the two and it birthed a new beginning for the brand.In 2016, Soufiane remixed the logo and vibe of Le Crepe Café Hawaii into what you see today!


The goal of our brand is to create a bright and enthusiastic ohana environment for everyone to experience.  We strive daily to provide our guests with fresh, natural ingredients that not only taste good, but also make you feel good!


Currently, with three locations—Mānoa Marketplace, Waialae Avenue, and a kiosk at UH Richardson School of Law, our brand continues to expand worldwide.  However, we vow never to forget our ourohana and where it all began—right here in Hawaii nei!